A 15-year-old Jewish boy named Natan was pronounced clinically dead on the night of Monday, September 28, 2015 (which some observers note that it coincides with the night of the final Blood Moon).

However, his ‘death’ was to last only 15 minutes, and during that short period time of time, his soul purportedly exited his body and entered heaven.

Speaking to an Orthodox Jewish audience in a synagogue in Israel just days after his near-death experience (NDE), Natan claims that while out-of-body, he received knowledge about world events that were “imminent” – which he says may take place “in the coming months”.

Specifically, Natan claims that there is coming a serious global conflict that will escalate into a world war and would eventually lead the nations of the world to attack Israel. According to Natan, the leader that starts the war is “Gog”, and whose true identity is none other than Obama.

The full video of Natan’s testimony at the synagogue is below (without English subtitles)…:

…and a shorter version, which includes English subtitles, is presented here:

Nonetheless, from the perspective of a Christian, we (Singapore Christian) have a number of concerns over Natan’s testimony, which we elaborate on in this post.