A Prophetic Word on What is Happening to the Identity and Destiny of God’s Children (Retah McPherson)

It’s a tremendous encouragement to read Sis Retah McPherson’s newsletters, as she writes with such a clear prophetic voice. Below is an unauthorised abstract of what the Lord is saying to her about the identity and destiny of His children.

My inbox was full and as I started reading, I heard the same cry from all over the world. I stopped and decided to go and pray before I answer any of these. “Dear Lord, what are we fighting here?”

On my knees I heard Him answer, “The true identity and destiny of My children have been stolen. It has been twisted. It is almost like a coin with two sides. On the one side is My character in you, but sin twists it to form a dark copy. Only through repentance can you be ‘untwisted’ and restored in My image and likeness.

You will never find true happiness unless you walk in your real identity as a Son of God – a God carrier. Your true destiny is bringing Kingdom to earth and bearing fruit so that people can eat from you and receive life, just because of the Life of Christ within you.”

As I pondered this I heard, “Christ within you – the hope of Glory! That’s all Retah!”

Many things happen in people’s lives, sad and traumatic things. And as they eat this demonic fruit (fruits of bitterness, hate, anger, fear) and never deal with the pain, they become the carriers of a demonic identity and start living it. That is the real plan of the enemy. He wants to change your DNA code to Satan’s identity – his nature operating in you, so that you will never walk in the true identity of Christ – being a God carrier, a Son of God. His plan is to prevent you from walking in the fullness of your destiny as God YHVH willed it from the day you were created.

The answer is ‘The Blood of Yeshua’. YHVH wants you to make the right decisions so that you can start walking in the destiny that He has for you. These decisions and choices will affect many people around you, especially your children. To be able to make these choices, you need to renew your mind with God’s Word. Your mind needs redemption. Your soul – is your mind, your emotions and your will. Your destiny and the quality of your life are determined by the condition of your soul.

If your soul has open doors to fear, hate, anger, self, blame, lust, shame etc – you have gates opened to hell itself. These gates give free access to the demonic to feed on your soul and your children’s souls. How will you know? Your thoughts will become dark and you will meditate on them, becoming trapped in a negative cycle letting more fear, anger, bitterness and darkness enter. As the darkness becomes more, it will manifest in your body – and you will become depressed and sick. It is a vicious circle.  Your body can simply not cope with the overload of negative darkness in your soul and cries out for help; hence the pain and sickness.

We need to get under complete submission to Holy Spirit. Then alone will you be able to think, speak and act like a Son of God and not your old self.

Your soul is the battle field and whoever controls your soul possesses your thinking, your emotions and your will. Our lives today is a direct result of the decisions we made in the past. We have a free will, but that ‘will’ could have been traded when you opened a door for the demonic. You surrendered not only your ‘will’, but also your children’s ‘will’ into the hands of Satan.

That is why all your actions are influenced and controlled by the demonic fear or hate. The devil through his demons has captured your soul. So many people are being used by the enemy – we are used to break up marriages, to lie, to become bitter, to be afraid and not to trust YHVH. The worst is that we don’t even realise that Satan is using us like a puppet for his purposes.  It is time to claim back our souls – and that can only happen through repentance and the Blood of Yeshua. Ask Holy Spirit to show you where Satan uses you – and He will! Satan will use all of us, if we are not in a place of humble submission towards YHVH. Just like Saul of Tarsus – he believed he was faithfully serving God. But, it was Satan influencing his decisions through a religious spirit.

Just because I keep on asking my Abba to show me the real condition of my heart – He will faithfully show me every time when I have a hidden motive or if I have spoken from a wound that was not yet healed. This enables me to repent immediately and to ask His Light and Truth to come in and deal with the deception in my heart. Often out of our brokenness we ‘assume’ what we want and are unwilling to find the truth on our knees – the very ’truth’ that will set us free! Broken people hurt other people and because of this there is often still a part of another’s soul in our wound. You will also have a demonic soul tie with that person. This other person’s soul part can influence your life drastically.

Deuteronomy 30:19 “I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both you and your seed may live”.

Our choices will be eaten by our seed (children). And how sad that only later in life; do we look at our children and see the fruit of our own bad choices coming up in their lives. Satan lies to people and tell them that their sin will only affect them. No!  Know that your sin affects and hurts everyone around you – and your children will be hurt the most.

Life is a choice driven experience. I teach my children that choices are made beforehand, not when I am faced with a situation. Because then it is too late – I need to have the right choices engraved in my heart. Your soul is the place where choices are made and what controls your soul, controls your destiny!  When you make the right choices, you will have a Godly impact on everyone around you, and your children the most!

Whoever we trust with our souls, is the one who possesses our souls. If you trust fear, bitterness, hate, anger and unforgiveness, – you will eat the fruit thereof!

“Abba Father, please possess my soul, so that Your good, acceptable and perfect will can be seen in our lives. I need You Holy Spirit to water my soul as I spend time with You, depending on You and surrendering my whole life into Your hands. Let Your fruit of love, joy, peace and hope flow through me to everyone around me.  Please expose any ungodly influences, or thoughts in me. Yeshua, I choose this year to trust in You alone, I choose success over failure, I choose happiness over misery, and above all – I choose life over death – in Yeshua’s Name.”


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