“Apostle” David Taylor — Unsettling Revelations of His Private Life

“Apostle” David E. Taylor is the founder of Joshua Media Ministries International (JMMI). He is also author of the book “Face-to-face Appearances from Jesus: The Ultimate Intimacy”, and with a book title as extraodinary as this, it leave one the impression that this man walks closely with God.

However, some rather unsettling details of his private life has emerged, specifically, of how he uses ministry money to live in an expensive home, and his “need” for expensive clothes.

For more information, visit: http://apostledavidtaylor.com/


One thought on ““Apostle” David Taylor — Unsettling Revelations of His Private Life

  1. David E Taylor is a true man of God. I don’t know why there are negative posts about him. My life has personally been changed BY this man’s teachings.My brothers life have been changed as well, I got saved and I came to his events and that same presence you can go to in spirit filled churches is With David E Taylor but even more. His relationship with Jesus is intense and He has a burning love for the Father! He will do anything he says including the last fast he did was over 40 days without food. and make financial sacrifices he didn’t want to make because that’s where his heart is at. He has some amazing teaching because Jesus has personally appeared to him. I never want to stop learning the bible. This man of God teaches the bible so well. I always want to follow his ministry and am happy to.

    And this video is from Apostle is great it explains the persecution.


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