Broken City of Spiritual Babylon

In 2003, some Christian prophets received spiritual insight into the spiritual leadership of the world that will emerge in the days to come. Nita Johnson shares this in her essay ‘The New Temple of Babylon‘:

In December of 2003 I met with Sadhu Sundar and Vincent Selvakumar in India for a time of hearing the voice of the Lord together. Both of these godly men are prophets of the highest order in our day and time. I sensed that we were going to receive some important information from heaven during our brief time together. So, I had begun to prepare myself for this visit ahead of time.

We were not disappointed in our expectations. The first night I was in Chennai I was given a vision showing me that we would receive critical links of wisdom and understanding about the near future. The links I saw were many; therefore I knew we would not hear it all over the weekend but that we would receive the first of many that would follow after our mutual departure. Also, I saw the links dance around in the sky then dip in a pool of water which represented the Spirit of revelation. So my ears were perked to hear what I might hear for the rest of the weekend.

While Sundar and I were in conversation about something of importance regarding international issues, Vincent received a visit from an Angel. In this visit he was shown the following:

He was told: The now “Broken City of Spiritual Babylon” will soon be raised up. The government of this repaired house will be as follows.

Under the head will be 3 groups each containing 13 members.

The first group would be the most powerful group under the head. It will consist of 13 cultic world leaders such the Dalai Lama.

The second group also containing 13 leaders will consist of mature seer-prophets from the stage of Christianity.

The third group would be made up of Priestly order workers, again coming from the commonwealth of Christianity.

Under these three governing groups will be 169 leaders of lesser degree. These will carry out the instruction of the head.

Leaders who are ordained to be part of the top echelon of the new true Church government will by in large be approached by the Satanic Kingdom in hopes of gaining their allegiance with the New Babylonian Empire until their pre-determined government is in its place.

He was further shown something about the warfare that would be sent out against Christian leaders.

The Angel told him that Satan had his top witches praying against Christian Leaders world-wide. Where did Satan go to find these witches? To Africa! One of Nigeria’s past leaders, a ruthless dictator sent word out across the globe inviting the highest people in the occult to bring their sorceries to Nigeria and to teach them to specified people who worked with him. Before that, Nigeria had witches, but not the caliber of today. Nigeria now has the top witches of the world working within its shores.

Satan has three categories of witches working against global ministers.

The first is made up of 13 men, the second consist of 13 women, and the third is comprised of 13 transvestites.

Twice in the previous few months prior to my visit to India I had seen these three groups of witches in a series of visions. So, I knew immediately not only what he was talking about but who he was talking about. I had seen them in very clear visions. This work will continue against Christian Leaders until the end. During the initial stages of coming revival the work of the satanic kingdom will seem comparatively diminutive, but will nevertheless continue.

Several years ago the Lord spoke to me in a vision. I saw a huge one story structure which had been constructed under the earth. In time a steam shovel came by and began to dig until it revealed this structure. In the next moment the building came bursting forth to the surface. It was filled with every kind of evil work and was ready to take the next step toward world dominion. My sense was that it was the Catholic Church in a new phase. That was the only way I knew to relate to it. I now understand that this house is actually the House of Babylon which will arise sometime after the Catholic Church is diminished.

In 1999 I was ministering in Portland. While spiritually preparing myself for the time of ministry I was given a vision. I saw a city that was seemingly perfect in every way. It reminded me of the old movie the Land of OZ. The clouds were perfectly hung. There was a beautiful rainbow arched in the sky. Peace seemed to rule the city. Suddenly I saw an Obelisk come jetting up out of the ground and through the rainbow. As I beheld the new structure I became frightened as the presence of evil was so great. I asked the Lord what the vision meant. He said; This is man’s purposes setting itself against the purposes of God. I knew in an instant it was the Kingdom of the antichrist.

Many years ago I was taken into a trance and saw a huge house built that was most magnificent and unusual. When the owner would be away, the house would close up and become a wall, when the owner would return the house would automatically be restored to a home. In time many leaders from all over the world came to look at the house and would stand in awe of its seeming beauty and architectural excellence. I looked carefully, watching leaders come and go. Soon I began to recognize Christian Leaders. Most of those who spent any time at all eyeing this innovative structure would end up buying into it, including Christians. I was aghast, but I didn’t know what to do.

The Lord spoke to me telling me what I was seeing was Satan’s “Sure House”. At least Satan thinks this is a sure house. It is The New Spiritual House Of Babylon.

All three visions carry the same meaning. They are all a picture of the New House of Babylon, that is about to emerge from obscurity.


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