Lindsey Williams’ Latest: Nothing Has Changed;. Not One Plan of the Elite Has Been Altered

This is the latest update from Pastor Lindsey Williams, that has been released on Facebook through his associate ‘James’:

Part of an email from James.

Pastor Williams called me a few weeks ago and asked me to prepare an update bulletin for his email list subscribers since he has been watching things unfold at rapid pace. The newsletter has taken some time to compile because every day another piece of the puzzle unveils itself. There is a lot of information so it may take some time for you to digest it. I apologize for not updating you all sooner. First of all, he told me that his Elite friend has said that everything told to him is still planned to go ahead as he told you all in his DVD ‘Things You Must Do Before September 15th, 2015’. Remember, what was told to him was before the Federal Reserve raised interest rates, before the new world order was announced at the UN by the pope and before the climate change conference, which is about how the Elite intend to finance global government. The signs were there, the blood moons, the cycles of seven, but these were only the signs of things to come. These things happened as Pastor Williams stated before they happened.

Nothing has changed. Not one plan of the Elite has been altered. Everything is identical to what they said they were going to do and what Pastor Williams’ Elite friend and his Wall Street insiders all said they were going to do. Pastor Williams has made it a point to remind people not to let their guard down because they are setting themselves up for one horrible situation.

The articles below have been created to tell you what is currently happening globally. It has taken quite some time to compile because you need to know the full story. Each story laps over the others like a glove. There is no separation between the new global currency, the sustainable development agenda and how the New World Order. In order for anything new to appear, the old must fall away. The next fifteen years will see a complete change in our way of life. That is for certain. Unless there is divine intervention there will be no place to turn, nowhere to go that the New World Order won’t touch. As national sovereignty is eroded into global government, the emergence of the totalitarian prison planet is already starting to appear from the shadows.

What has happened to us all over decades of secrecy, confusion and manipulation has been a total conspiracy on a global scale and whether you were aware of it or not, we are all complicit in its inception.


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