Will Christians Go Through the Great Tribulation?

Will Christians go through the great tribulation? Or will they be ratpured before it? What does the bible say?

The link below leads to a booklet entitled ‘Will Christians Go Through the Great Tribulation‘, which was written by the late Gordon Lindsay, a revivialist preacher, author, and founder of Christ for the Nations Institute, who lived between 1906–1973.

According to Lindsay, the bible clearly teaches that there will be Christians who will be on earth during the Great Tribulation.

However, Lindsay also suggests that Christians who are prepared and ready are translated before the Great Tribulation in a first-fruit rapture:

Will Christians Go Through the Great Tribulation (Gordon Lindsay)

Will Christians Go Through the Great Tribulation

Lindsay’s perspective is shared by the Watchman Nee, the late Chinese church leader and Christian teacher. According to Witness Lee (who was a close associate of Nee):

“Along with the revelation of the kingdom, the Lord also gave Watchman Nee revelation concerning rapture. According to current fundamental theology, Christians are told that as long as they are saved, at the Lord’s return they will all participate together in a general rapture with the whole church before the tribulation. But Watchman Nee came to see that not all believers will be raptured at the same time. Some believers will become matured overcomers before the tribulation; therefore, they will be raptured first. The majority of the believers, however, will mature later, so they will be raptured later. The kingdom is a matter of reward, and rapture is a matter of maturity. The rapture can be compared to a harvest. A crop is not harvested and taken into the barn when it is still green. It must first ripen into maturity. All Christians must ripen in life. When they are ripe, the Lord will harvest them and bring them into the heavenly barn. These two points must be kept clearly in mind: 1) the kingdom is a reward to the overcoming believers, and 2) rapture requires the maturity of the overcomers.” (Watchman Nee — A Seer of the Divine Revelation in the Present Age)

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