Since last year, workers from Operation Mobilisation (OM) have been reaching out with God’s love to prostitutes and pimps in Geylang’s red-light district.

Carrying baskets filled with goodies, the workers set out by foot to these streets that are shunted by many Singaporeans, to strike up conversations with the ladies of the night and to pray for them.

Dara (name has been changed), a young girl who looked like she had come from Southeast Asia, shifted about in the shadows of a dim street in Geylang. Strapped in a tight revealing red dress, she looked vulnerable.

Maureen, a staff worker from OM, was on one of her night walks with her co-workers in Geylang when her path crossed Dara. Maureen approached the girl and asked her if she would like to be prayed for. Dara agreed. Maureen prayed for her to be the woman God had shaped her to be.

Hot tears streamed down Dara’s cheeks. How the girl felt, one could not quite tell, but Maureen said: “I felt a heart connection with her.

Some pimps and streetwalkers are fast becoming friends with the OM workers, receptive to engaging in conversation and receiving prayers. Said Edwin, a worker, “During one walk, we spoke with a brothel owner. He was sick and asked us to pray for him.”

OM invites volunteers to join them in reaching out to this under-served community in Geylang. If you are interesting in finding out more about this ministry, please do not hesitate to contact us through our Contact Us page, so that we can link you up with them. God bless you!