Is Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras the Antichrist? Researcher Fritz Springmeier Doesn’t Think So

Amidst much hype on the internet about Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, being the Antichrist, Illuminati-researcher Fritz Springmeier has weighed in and disagrees with this speculation.

Writing on his Facebook page, this is what Springmeier commented:

Some of you may have seen people on the Internet calling Alexis Tsipras the Anti Christ. While he is charismatic, openly an atheist & the Illum. kingpin George Soros supports him, he is not the final Anti Christ. (I recently gave the description of the AC in a post.) Tsipras was born on 28 July, ’74, & in the late ‘80s was a member of the Communist Youth. He was the first p.m. to refuse to take the oath of office on a Bible. Tsipras has been courting the BRICS nations. He spent time w/ Putin on 6 April. Greece relies on Russian gas, & does nearly $10 billion in trade/yr. with Russia. Tsipras also went to China and Iran asking for money to help Greece out of the hole. China helped him by recently buying 100 million euros of Greek debt.

Fritz Springmeier has written a number of books on the Illuminati, including bestseller Bloodlines of the Illuminati, which was recently discovered to be among Osama Bin Laden’s possessions.


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