SHOCKING! Hollywood Insider Exposes the Murder, Devil Soul-Selling, and Ritualistic Child Sacrifices Within the Entertainment Industry

This is a MUST HEAR interview, especially for those of you who are avid movie goers.

A Hollywood insider, who goes by the name of “Jon”, has exposed the totally depravity that goes on inside the entertainment industry, on the alternative news channel, Hagmann and Hagmann.

According to “Jon”, people inside the industry sell their souls to powerful demonic spirits for 10-year or 20-year contracts for fame and fortune.

Others participate in ritualistic child sacrifices (that resembles Molech worship; see Leviticus 18:21) for fame and fortune; some even allow their loved ones to be victims for the sake of their own selfish ambitions.

During the interview, Joe also exposes the murder that goes on behind the scenes, as well as the drink-spiking traps on aspiring, young male actors to sodomise and blackmail them.

The interview can be heard in the Youtube link below:


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