The late real-estate tycoon, Ng Teng Fong, passed away in February 2010, but it has recently been revealed that the late Mr Ng had become a Christian on his deathbed.

This was revealed by Mr Ng’s younger son, Philip, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Far East Organization, and who shared this information in an article written to the Anglican Diocese of Singapore:

My life has changed because of the Lord. I do morning devotions, I pray because there is much I do not understand. I pray for discernment, for guidance. God makes sense of all situations. He made sense of what I went through with my father just before he passed away.

My father was not a pagan worshipper but he did not have time for God; he was too busy running his business. He did not object when he knew that I had come to Christ. In fact, he always talked to me about meeting his Maker one day.

But God had a lot of time for my father in the last days of his life during his hospitalization after a fall at home. A pastor came to the hospital practically every day with my aunt, and spoke to him in his native dialect Heng Hwa, reading to him Psalm 23. The doctors had told the family that my father, who was in a coma, was brain dead. They said that he was not going to come out of the coma. But they were wrong. On the eighth day in the hospital, a Catholic priest came and spoke to him about Jesus. The priest asked, “Do you believe that Jesus is your Saviour?” And he turned his head twice. He was not brain dead! Later the doctors acknowledged that he could have turned his head only if he was not brain dead, and they changed the diagnosis. On the ninth and tenth days, his vital signs improved and he was able to breathe spontaneously.

God gave my father an eleventh-hour opportunity to affirm Jesus Christ. Ten days compressed, the hospital became a church, and the church was with my father. My brother Robert was baptised in the hospital on the tenth day because he realised that something had happened; it was the grace of God.

For 60 years my mother was a devotee of the goddess of mercy. But when my father was hospitalized, she stopped. She welcomed the prayers from the clergy and from the Christian community that was in the hospital. How do you make sense of this? Only God can. My mother is now baptised and worships at a Methodist church.

I have aspirations, like everybody else, to serve the Lord and to share His Gospel. I count myself so blessed to have this journey of transformation. I know this transformation must always start with oneself. The self must die with the Lord, and be resurrected anew. It now behoves me to be a light for my family and my organization.

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