Testimony of Malaysian Vincent Liow (Ex-Temple Medium Who Visited Hell) (VIDEOS)

Vincent Liow was born in Malaysia, and has an amazing testimony to share. In this webpage, I compile all the videos that I could find of meetings or interviews where he had shared his story.

Liow had worked as a temple medium for many years, and one day, was hospitalised due to a sudden health event that resembled a stroke.

In hospital, Liow had a near-death experience, during which his soul was transported to hell. While being tormented by the fires of hell, Liow called out to the deities he had served during his lifetime, but they either seemed unwilling or unable to rescue him. Relief only came after he, out of desparation, called out the name of Jesus Christ (a name he had remembered due to his school days in a Christian mission school), which led to the fires that surrounded him subsiding and his soul being released from hell and transported to the gates of heaven. However, Liow was unable to enter heaven, and was told that his time had not come and that he had a mission to accomplish.

That mission was to share with others what he had personally wtinessed and experienced, and his testimony can be viewed in the videos below, which were taken at various meetings or interviews.

Besides publicly speaking about his experience, Liow has also published a book, and for more information, visit his Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/His-Amazing-Grace/389446834515052


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